Bodega Bay’s Creamiest Day

Bowls of steamy briny goodness, to warm the cockles? Yes, please.

Clemson/Flickr Creative Commons

DAYDREAMS COME IN ALL SIZES... but we can generally agree on this: They're on the big side. Sometimes enormous? Is that accurate? Yes. We tend not to think in small and simple details in our reveries but rather in sweeping panoramas: Us in Paris, us on an island, us running hand-in-hand with our favorite band through a field of corn. (Wait, that's your daydream too, right?) And while we'd never want to deprive anyone of their sweeping daydream, or look askance of it, sometimes daydreams are more satisfying, and more satisfyingly achieved, if a small and affordable detail is the focus. Let's start, for instance, with a favorite food in a favorite place. Say, a bowl of hot clam chowder on a winter's Saturday. Is that detail doable and focused enough? Good.

BECAUSE THIS IS NOT FLIGHT OF FANCY: Rather, it is what is set to go down in Bodega Bay on Saturday, January 25. That's Chowder Day, and a number of local restaurants and chefs will do their dangedest to create the best creamiest concoction. It is, after all, an edible that the oceanfronting town is rather synonymous with, something that daytrippers will drive several miles off the 101 to enjoy. But your daydream gets just a little bit better, because of this: You get to play the judge, along with everyone else who has purchased a ten-buck ticket to Chowder Day. "(O)ver a dozen restaurants" will try for the top spot in people's hearts -- or stomachs -- says Sonoma Uncorked, meaning you'll see the full breadth of bowl goodness Bodega Bay has to offer. Want tickets? Make for The Tides parking lot.

AND LOOK... your daydreams can be big, but making them doable, too? That's key on occasion. And ten dollars for loads of clammy taste heaven is certainly very doable, indeed.

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