Bodie After Sundown: 2015 Dates Announced

The ghost town's currently under snow, but summery fun is on the horizon.

Elvira Lavell

ACCESSING THE INACCESSIBLE: In our get-everything-now-now-now kind of world, it can be a pleasure to know that some places and products are a little harder to access. Maybe it is the ease with which any item can be summoned to our doorstep within 24 hours, or how modern travel can whisk us to all corners in no time at all, that makes us long for a slower approach, one that allows some anticipation to build. Thus we treasure those old hotels that keep to a summer-only (or winter-only) schedule, and those natural places that are sometimes made briefly hard-to-get-to because of snowy conditions. They are the places that feel away from time, on their own plane, and that is ever so attractive in our have-it-today world.

BODIE STATE HISTORIC PARK... is one such rarity. Come winter it can take some effort to reach, thanks to the cold white stuff on the ground, and it is not a place that is open after sundown. But... there are attractive asterisks to both points. Intrepid people do make wintertime visits to what's billed as America's most perfectly preserved ghost town, and, three times a year, fans get to see the Gold Rush era structures by starlight. Those nights don't happen during the chillier months -- no surprise there -- but we can get to anticipating them during the winter. The 2015 dates for the Bodie evening time ghost walks have been set, and they are...

JUNE 27, JULY 18, AND AUGUST 29: Nope, you won't be shooed out in late afternoon on those three dates, if you buy a ticket. You'll be able to wander the storied streets of the Mono County gem by moonlight and hear phantom-y tales. Or you can pull out your camera and snap some softer, star-twinkly photos of the town, a place that is known to never, ever deliver a bad picture. Those summer dates were just announced, so keep tabs on ticket info and more to-knows here, Bodie buffs.

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