Bodie Calendar Contest: Enter Your Photo

Have you taken a stunning snap at the famous ghost town? Now's your chance to see it on a wall.

Alysia Gray Painter

CALENDAR IMAGERY... can truly have an impact on how we see a place. After all, photographs in books are lovely, and in galleries, too, but consider the fact that the snapshot on a calendar is something you might glance at a dozen times each day over the course of four weeks. Even if you're not looking directly at the image -- and you often do, given its calendar-ready fabulousness -- a glance in the calendar's general direction can deepen your sense, and ultimately your feelings, about a particular location, or castles, or puppies, or roses. Call calendars wall portals to other places and times, and call them important everyday objects in our homes and offices. Getting a picture in one is a pretty big deal, then, especially if your picture details a destination that's near to your heart, and the hearts of many other travelers who adore California history. We're about to reference Bodie State Historic Park here -- no shocker, given the photo above -- and we're about to talk about you getting your snapshot of the celebrated ghost town, the one you took last summer or fall or in a snowstorm, into the brand-new 2017 Bodie Foundation calendar.

IT'S AN HONOR... to be picked, truly, because so many wonderful snaps are taken at the Mono County landmark each and every year. It's often said it is difficult to take a bad photograph of the storied structures and streets of the fabled village. The flip side of that notion, of course, is that taking a stand-out snapshot can be a challenge, one that captures the much-captured spot in a novel and/or notable way. Do you have such a pic? February 14 is your deadline to send it into the Bodie Foundation, for possible choosing/inclusion, but there are a few to-knows, like it should be horizontal and you can send in ten pics (only one photo per shutterbug'll make the calendar, however). Are you a mondo Bodie buff? Need to be out there, in the crisp air, at least once a year? Or more? With your camera and equipment by your side? Maybe it is time for you to be one of the storytellers of the burg's visual history. Calendars are our daily reminders of places we adore, and calendar photos are an essential component in that emotion-strong equation.

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