Bodie Calendar Contest: Submit Your Snapshot

A building, a wagon, the sky: The Mono County ghost town makes for some stunning visuals, the kind that might go in a calendar.

YOU, YOUR EYE, YOUR CAMERA, GO: Where exactly do you first train your lens when you first arrive at Bodie State Historic Park? Do you find a structure you've never really noticed before, the kind of decaying building that held a lot of liveliness, and human voices, and Old West camaraderie back in the 1800s? Do you point your camera at a far vista, pondering if the miners of Bodie ever attempted to find riches on some distant ridge, just beyond the burg's borders? Or do you simply take in that huge, huge sky, a blue bowl that typically yields a surplus of dramatic cloud formations? It's hard to choose, as any photographer, be they an amateur or professional, can tell you, for Bodie State Historic Park has so much to admire, ponder, watch, and record. But it all comes down to this, for some shutterbugs: What photographs might best serve a calendar devoted to what might be the planet's most famous ghost town? Best decide soon, for the...

BODIE CALENDAR CONTEST... is on now, and accepting image-amazing entries through Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. That gives you time to visit the Mono County treasure, which is a lovely drive north of Mono Lake, if you want some fresh perspectives and fresh framings. Or perhaps you'll need a few weeks to pore over the images you already have, the ones you've taken over your last few visits to the remote and dramatic location. There are some rules to consider, such as how many you may submit and in what format. Will you get a gratis calendar if one of your photos is chosen? For sure. Will you bring some attention to the Bodie Foundation, which helps to keep Bodie a visitable and visible gem, an authentic window to another century? You bet. To get started on choosing your snaps, turn your buggy in the direction of the calendar contest rules now.

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