Bridgeville: Bridgefest Flying Saucer Contest

The Humboldt County community brings a sense of cosmic quirky to its summertime party.

GETTING A MITE JEALOUS... over the annual UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico is understandable, especially if you possess a love of the cosmos, of stories of strange sightings, and a deep whimsical streak, too. The town-big bash happens close to the Fourth of July each year, in the historic Land of Enchantment town that's as synonymous with strange sightings as just about anywhere around. And while the journey is a must for many fans of alien tales, there is a place in Northern California that also holds its own space-tastic and oh-so-sweet gathering each summer. It's not as big as Roswell, do note, which is a multi-day party, but it boasts oodles of Humboldt County-style funkiness, and a real community spirit, too. It's the Bridgefest and Flying Saucer Contest, which takes place in Bridgeville, which is located on State Highway 36 some 24 miles east of Highway 101. The 2017 date is...

SATURDAY, AUG. 19, and there shall be, as is traditional, a costume contest to determine what festival attendee has the best from-the-skies style (so don your favorite flying saucer-ready get-up). Music, eats, and homespun-a-tude, with a dose of interplanetary panache, fill the afternoon-long gathering at the bridge. Will you have some great view of the Van Duzen River from your perch on the span? You will, though, just perhaps, you may want to zoom your flying saucer over the river, later that night, for a closer look. Are you a few hours' drive from Willow Creek, too, meaning you could also pay homage to Bigfoot's stomping grounds over the weekend? If you wanted to really road trip it up, you could, yes. Want to eye snapshots of the 2016 Bridgefest? Put your saucer in park and take a look now.

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