Butterfly Jungle to Soon Alight at Safari Park

Revel in the colorful beauty over several wingful weeks.

HOPING TO SPY A BUTTERFLY? It can be a bit of a game of chance, like watching the sky for a falling star or gazing at the waves for a whale's spout. You do have some indicators regarding where and when such nature-amazing sights will pop up, but, as always, the animals and wonders within the wider and wild universe are on their own special schedules. Schedules, of course, that we can't change, but we can change our own, when we know that a flutter of butterflies will be alighting at a specific place. And that place, beginning on March 23, 2019, is Butterfly Jungle at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Prepare to encounter "thousands of beautiful butterflies" when you step inside the aviary, which is presented by Wheelhouse Credit Union. Those amazing insects will include... 

BLUE MORPHOS, and giant swallowtails, and Grecian shoemakers, and zebra longwings. There will be over 30 species in all, hailing from points across "Central, South, and North America," making this the rare chance to admire several butterflies from several places, all in literally the same spot (or several close-together spots, perhaps is more apt, within one aviary). But keep your admiring levels high, for "22 exotic bird species" will also be chirping and charming within the aviary, meaning your chances of seeing a Mariana fruit dove or Bali myna will be happily quite high.

BUTTERFLY JUNGLE... won't flit forever, so make sure you flit to Safari Park before May 12, 2019, which is the final day of this gorgeous go-around. It's a classic of springtime, an experience full of zings and wings, and knowing that you'll see butterflies in profusion can fill a butterfly buff with anticipation. Start stoking that anticipation now, for the start of spring, and Butterfly Jungle 2019, is near. How to bask in all of this butterfly-a-tude? Your admission to Safari Park is your entrance to this enchanting, sizable, and wing-flitty space.

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