‘California Fall Color' Heats Up (Or, Um, Cools Down)

The site, which tracks what trees to see when around the state, is gearing up for autumn.

IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE... that while the deserts sizzle and various people in various pockets of the Golden State reach for their handfans and cooling drinks, many trees located at the upper reaches of our highest peaks are flirting with going for that fancy fall look. For the season's leafy and lovely gifts don't arrive all at once, say, on the autumnal equinox, nope and no sir. The mountains' stately cottonwoods and aspens lead the way before summer ends, and then the lower slopes celebrate with a serious splash of color, and then cities in the lowlands begin to find oaks and liquidambars doing that red-meets-yellow-meets-orange thing, somewhere before Halloween, but keeping it colorful right into the post-Thanksgiving period. And then? The deserts will bring up the rear, with December showings in the light-but-present foliage arena. How to keep it all straight, though, as to when the fall color is happening and where to go to see it?

CALIFORNIA FALL COLOR, that bastion of bloggery, has been helping seekers of golden leaves in the Golden State for several years. Writer and fall fan John Poimiroo is at the helm, and he keeps those posts flowing, especially during the busy October-into-November period. Readers write in, too, to report what they've seen, and also to share some spectacular snapshots of trees in their own neighborhoods or regions. And, of course, leaves drop far too fast each year, making this timely information all the more essential. When to start following, though? New posts are appearing on the blog as of mid-August 2019, an indicator that California Fall Color is heating up. Or, rather, cooling down, in this colorful case.

LEAFIES, here's your helpful, foliage-fun go-to for the 2019 peeping season around the truly golden Golden State.

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