California Nut Festival: Chico Delish

Are almonds your go-to? Are you wild for walnuts? Here's your plate-filler of a party.

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SMOOTHIES AND BUTTERS... and candies and breads and brittles are just some of the edibles that can feature one kind of nut or several. The vast array of vittles that incorporate almonds or walnuts or other sorts of nutmeats is pretty astounding, especially when you consider all the other bites around the pantry that can pop up in as many dishes and drinks. (There are a few, but it is an exclusive edibles club.) In short, if you're an almond aficionado, or wild for walnuts, chances are good that you not only grab a handful, raw or lightly salted, as frequently as you can, but those same nuts cameo in a host of other dishes in your home. If "(n)ut-inspired cooking demos" sounds right up your almond-adoring alley, then, there's a feasty festivity plunk in the middle of April: It's the California Nut Festival, and it will once again showcase all of the small, oval, knobby, protein-packed, flavor-riffic nuts that grow so well in particular parts of the Golden State. And by the "middle of April" we mean...

SATURDAY, APRIL 15, and by "flavor-iffic nuts" we mean "almonds, walnuts, pecans, and pistachios," or the "(l)ocally-grown tree nuts." The spot is the Patrick Ranch Museum in Chico, and nutarians'll be out noodling about, tasting, talking with Butte Country growers, and watching those cooking demos. Plenty of vendors shall be on the grounds, too, including Harrison's California Chestnuts, California Olive Ranch, and Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella. Tunes, art, and a spirit of well-grown, tummy-satisfying sustenance shall reign. A ticket is $30 ahead of time, $35 there, while tickets for kids ages 7 to 12 are $10. For all of the nutly, nummy doings at this tasty time, throw a few more almond slivers in your smoothie, find a comfy seat, and read on.

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