California Pacifica Hotels: Summer of Love Deal

Stay in Half Moon Bay, Cambria, or Santa Monica, and save. Going somewhere else? The savings stretch to 24 properties.

SUMMER OF LOVE: The 50th anniversary of that major moment in time is in full and glorious flow, and a student of history, of society, of music and of seismic changes, can journey to a host of museums, amphitheatres, and tours to find stories of 1967. If you want to go deeper into all of that 1967ness, though, doing a bit of traveling to get there is key (after all, that's one of the woven-through tenets of the Summer of Love: Meeting people, connecting with others, experiencing new things, and not being confined to any one path). How to make the journey, though? That can be done in many different ways, but saving a bit of money, in order to have a bit more dough when you're at your destination, is always a keen notion. Pacifica Hotels is embracing the whole remember-the-Summer-of-Love vibe that's flowing around the Golden State right now, and to facilitate people getting out, relaxing, seeing, and meeting others, there's savings in the air, at all 24 California properties. Think...

20% OFF, through Sept. 30, 2017, and think this special code when you book: LOVE17. You'll need to book through the web site, do note, and do note you'll have a plethora of places to choose from, from spectacular spots closer to some of the Summer of Love's biggest memory-making occurrences (think Cambria, just a pleasant toodle down from Monterey), and San Francisco, to destinations always rocking that sunny, it's-all-good vibe (hello, Santa Monica and San Diego). Where will you land for a night, a weekend, or a full week of connecting with a few waves, a few nice strangers you meet around the lobby, and the big ideas of comity, harmony, and peace that the Summer of Love sent out so strongly? You can begin to ponder that delightful question here.

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