California Wine Festival: Stately Sips

Linger and try tony libations while enjoying the Pacific-close sunshine in Santa Barbara.

BY THE MIDDLE OF JULY, or thereabouts, a summer-loving adventurer begins to take seasonal stock. A few things are brought into consideration, such as whether the summer has yet yielded a road trip, or a chance to enjoy a weekend lunch on a patio, or an impromptu volleyball game, or the opportunity to camp beneath the Milky Way. We also ponder if we've truly been "beachside," beyond driving near the beach, and, if we haven't, how we can immediately correct that, preferably with an adult beverage nearby, if we're over 21 and that's something we like to do. There is a way to go beachside, with such a libation, at the Beachside Wine Festival, which is part of the annual California Wine Festival. The festival, which shall savor its 14th outing in 2017, cannot, try as it might, encompass the whole state, in one sweeping swath, as far as a main location goes (even though, yes, "California" is in the name). But it does alight in one of the Golden State's most golden locations, Santa Barbara, for its three-day affair, which is soon to happen on...

JULY 13, 14, AND 15: Chase Palm Park, which is really and truly very close to the Pacific Ocean, is the breezy scene for the Saturday afternoon Beachside Wine Festival, a party that'll deliver bites, sips of the winely and brewful sort, and an 18-ounce wine glass that participants are invited to take home and use forever. There are other doings, too, during the festival run, including an Old Spanish Nights Wine Tasting and a Sunset Rare & Reserve Wine Tasting, two to-dos that may just possibly introduce you to a new regional vino you haven't yet experienced (or one you love and wanted to meet again). You'll want to find your designated driver's ticket, and all the other info you need, so wend your way to the beachy-beautiful online HQ of the acclaimed fest.

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