Calistoga Vinos Shine During Winter in the Wineries

Buy a passport and enjoy tastings in 17 area wine-making destinations.

THERE ARE MANY WORDS... that charmingly cover the groupings of specific numbers, from duo or pair (that would two of something, of course) to a triad or triumverate (the "tri" signifies three, yep yep), and the ever-popular, oft-used dozen (which is 12, yes, unless you're talking about a baker's dozen, which is 13). But is there a term that aptly and clearly sums up 17 different items/events/things in a group? Could you call it a dozenandahalferminusone? Hoo boy, that's a lot to remember. How about a littlelessthan20en? Also far too mouthful-ish. And a seventeeno kiiiind gets to the point, but not quite. While wordsmiths of the world work on this issue, there is wine to enjoy, around beautiful Calistoga, which is once again offering its well-known...

WINTER IN THE WINERIES PASSPORT: It just opened for another two-month-long round, in early December 2017, and the whole cabernet-scented, chardonnay-delish caboodle doesn't even wrap up for several weeks to come (Feb. 4, 2018 is the final day). There are 17 wineries in all to try, and once you have that passport in hand you can saunter in to the various tasting rooms and sip, maybe/possibly finding your next favorite vino. The cost? It's $60. Passport holders are invited to "...(e)xperience every facet of the unique Calistoga wine region..." and a host of wineries will help on that end, from Castello di Amorosa to Laura Michael Wines to Picayune Cellars. In addition to the tastings, you can also score a discount on a number of area hotels and stay-over spots. Being 21 to buy it? Yes, please. Reading some other details on using this special ticket to libation-based bliss? Yes, do that, for sure. Figuring out a good grouping number for 17? We haven't alighted upon that quite yet, but a group of 17 top-nothc wineries surely deserves its own designation. Perhaps a seventeenwineryer? Okay, back to the drawing board (but you can find passports for purchase right here, right now).

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