Catalina Wine Mixer: Oh Yeah, It's Back

It was made famous in the film "Step Brothers," but now it is a real thing, for real.

THERE ARE SCENES... that you and your friends regularly act out, line for line, should somebody in your party say a particular word or reference a certain location. For many comedy fans, a mention of "Catalina Island" often brings to mind 2008's "Step Brothers," starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. You know just the pivotal scene that the island played a memorable part in: The Catalina Wine Mixer. It's a moment that's moved into movie legend for a lot of fans, who've regularly incorporated the reference in their film lingo, or even ventured to host their own Catalina Wine Mixer at home (less the helicopter, we'll assume). If your dream, though, has been to actually go to Catalina Island and enjoy an actual wine mixer named the Catalina Wine Mixer, you're in luck. The fresh flick-inspired tradition kicked off, rousingly, in 2015, and it'll be back for more music, more vino, more fancy foodstuffs, and more argyle-wearing in September of 2016. The exact dates for the brotherly love are...

FRIDAY, SEPT. 23 THROUGH SUNDAY, SEPT. 25: As with the first year, the stars of the film are not expected to show, but revelers will be much in the spirit of the comedy. The Dan Band is the headliner, an outfit you surely know from films like "The Hangover" and "Old School." It's a long weekend of supreme relaxing at the Descanso Beach Club, but if you need a little more authentic movie magic in the mix, check it out: You can book a flight on an Island Express helicopter. But how are your drumming skills? And do you know all the lyrics to "Por Ti Volare"? Best start practicing now, as you go digging for your favorite sweater vest.

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