Cavallo Point's Family Package

Have your camp experience, this summer, with a posher twist.

A CAMP-COOL EXPERIENCE: Camp is one of those getaways which tends to end once you reach, oh, age 18, or maybe 20 at the outside, and even then you're probably a counselor and not a camper. Adults don't go, unless there is a camp-like experience offered by a rustic hotel (sometimes hot dogs for roasting are provided, or an old-school camp blanket). But going with your kids? It is pretty hard to do. You need to a) find a hotel that has a pretty spectacular natural setting, which isn't always a snap. The second task you face is b) locating a property that is both adult-nice but kid-sweet, too, which isn't always a snap. And c) you need to find a place that has stuff for you all to do together, and, better yet, offer that stuff during the summertime, when the kidlets are out of school. Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito has got those three points covered in its Family Discovery Package.

THE PACKAGE OFFERS... Plenty of be-together-and-live-it-up things for a family to do as a unit. Half-day bike rentals are in the deal, as is a map and guidebook to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (Cavallo Point, as you likely know, overlooks a famous orange-y bridge). Free breakfast for the young'uns and a free in-room movie for each day you're there are in the fine print, too.

AND NOPE... It won't be rustic and thorny and branchy and too camp-esque. That's where the adult part comes in; we want the fun of a getaway but some comforts, too. Cavallo Point is dang swank, with pretty historic rooms and contemporary set-ups, too. No rain leaks, no bunks, no running down to the lake to bathe. It's the perfect mesh of grown-up wants and kid-nice activities, all in a bundle. For more information of the package, you'll want to direct your mouse's clicking mechanism here.

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