Charming ‘Hideaway' to Make Santa Barbara Debut

The nine-room inn, set for a reopening in June 2019, has oodles of Craftsman-y charm.

TUCKING IN? It's a comfort-making concept, for sure. We're talking about the pair of heartwarming words we often use when we're ready to call it a day and slip under the sheets. Of course, you can tuck into something delicious ("pie" is the first thing that springs to mind) or tuck into a relaxing spot that has an away-from-the-world feel. Most of us are more likely to do the first two, just because beds, and, yes, pie, are more readily around, but sometimes seeking out a tuck-in-able inn, one that isn't overly large, an inn that boasts a certain air of intimacy, is just the thing we need. And just that particular thing is coming up, in the American Riviera, when Hideaway Santa Barbara, a...

PRETTY NINE-ROOM INN, re-debuts in June 2019. The property, which is now overseen by the Kirkwood Collection of Culver City, just underwent a major rethink, and includes a host of delightful details, including the inclusion of skylights. That natural light should reign is not that common a concept in the redesigning of hotels, but Hideway Santa Barbara's location feels right for it. Further enhancing its splendid situation, which includes views of the Santa Ynez Mountains? The fact that so many of the pleasures of the town are near, from the Urban Wine Trail to the Funk Zone. Though one of the loveliest of pleasures, a...

COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST, may be found within the "bright and breezy" boutique hotel, which is housed in a 111-year-old Craftsman. Been to another Kirkwood Collection destination? It's a company besotted with quintessential Golden State stay-over spots, from Rancho Mirage to San Luis Obispo. June 15 is the projected opening for Hideaway Santa Barbara, rooms start at $350 a night, and reservations are open now. Ready to tuck in at an inn that embraces an air of "coastal whimsy"? Start here.

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