Charming New Casitas to Debut in Death Valley

The one-bedroom casitas will open in September at The Inn at Death Valley.

THE DESERT... seems to own a trademark on the notion of "vastness" and "space" and "vistas" and "long glorious stretches that seem to go on for miles" (if trademarks could be put upon such things). It truly is a place that feels lacking in limits, in all of the wonderful ways, and gazing out over an especially huge valley can feel akin to gazing into eternity. Oh wait, did we just type "especially huge valley" there, one that rocks the eternal vibes? We surely, then, were talking about one dazzling destination of mythic proportions: Death Valley National Park. And while that especially huge valley doesn't actually stretch the length of the cosmos, it is massive, "about 140 miles long," which means that tucking into a cozy spot for the night, while there, feels darn good. And few overnights are as charming as the ones spent in a cozy casita, plunk in the middle of the desert, as the sky fills with stars and you raise a glass of vino to the sun setting behind the dramatic Panamint Mountains. And it so happens that Panamints are within lovely view of the new casitas at...

THE INN AT DEATH VALLEY, the historic lodge that's part of The Oasis at Death Valley. True, the hotel has become known for its elegant hotel rooms over the last nine decades, but a new stay-over choice is arriving at the Furnace Creek destination in September 2018. Make that "choices," as in plural, for 22 new one-bedroom casitas will debut. Each luxe casita is 550 feet, making it on the spacious side of cozy, and each comes with a bedroom that's separate from a seating area (as well as a wet bar, too). As for a patio? This is the desert, and patios are pretty nice to have, so, you bet: That's where you'll sit and look for the Milky Way, after the sky above Death Valley grows very, very dark. Giving the casitas an extra dose of desert-style flora and verdant beauty are the date palm gardens, which is where the casitas are located. And, keep those flip-flops handy: The swimming pool, which is also full of vintage beauty, is just a short saunter away.

AUTUMN ON THE WAY: Eager to have that big-of-vista, pretty-of-Panamint getaway experience? A night begins at $550. Inquire now about the newest addition to this venerable property, and consider how well the casitas weave in with the hotel's historic, desert-hued design.

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