Cheese Festival Marketplace Tickets Now Available

Gooey good times are coming up, over the first weekend of spring, in Santa Rosa.

DOES CHEESE OR CHOCOLATE... dominate the holiday table? Are sweets the main sight or do you come across more cheddar crumbles and mozzarella melts? In short, when it comes to seasonal noshery, do we turn more to desserts or the pleasures of the dairy drawer? That surely depends upon the person, but if you're a cheese person, to the creamy core, you're likely going to go for the feta bites over the festive cookies. And while treat-oriented to-dos abound around the Golden State, all year long, there are gooier choices out there, with one of the biggies on the curd-yummy circuit popping up in Santa Rosa at the very start of springtime. It's the...

CALIFORNIA ARTISAN CHEESE FESTIVAL, and tickets to the festival's 2019 Artisan Cheese Tasting & Marketplace are now on sale. This means exactly what you think it does, dear cheese maven: You'll be trying several slivers and hunks and tongue-pleasing samples, samples that have been craftily created by some of the best and most creative cheesemakers in California. The Sunday, March 24 taste-tastic event will spotlight "new and familiar cheeses and artisan products" as well as sampling opportunities aplenty (think wine, beer, and, yep, cider, too, not to mention more spirited sips).

AS FOR THE OTHER CHEESY MARVELS... of the festival, which is celebrating its 13th annual event in 2019? Farm tours, info-packed seminars, and more are also on the March 23-24 schedule. Tickets go on sale for those happenings on New Year's Day, 2019, but, as mentioned, you can nab your Marketplace ticket even before the fresh year dawns. We'll raise a hunk of blue to that, oh yeah.

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