Colony Palms: Posh Palm Springs Times

It's the desert resort town's swankiest season (so go for a swanky setting).

Colony Palms

WINTERTIME WOWZA: "Wowza" is a pretty funny word, at once old-fashioned and yet appealing for its ability to brighten up ads and pepper conversation and be a bit retro and youthful, all at once. It's a word that the Palm Springs tourism powers that be could deftly use in any marketing that involves wintertime in the sun-warm stretch of desert-resort-y goodness. At start of January you have a happening that's rife with wowza-a-tude, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, a star- and film fan-attracting stretch that's very much about cinema and the scene. And near the middle of February there's Modernism Week, which draws students and lovers of mid-century style for a visual feast of all that is cool. So what does one participate in when one is in Palm Springs in the middle of those two happenings? Going for a posh stay, at a spot like the historic Colony Palms, keeps this particular brand of stylish sparkle going. Looking for a lavish warm-weather retreat to ward of the chill of the year's first two months? Then make for Colony Palms and...

THE PALM D'OR RESIDENCE: The inspired-by-Cannes residence -- we wouldn't dare call it a room or even suite -- is part of the Échapper package, which includes a two-night stay in the swanked-out getaway, bubbly when you arrive, a "Stocked kitchen of your favorite snacks and indulgences," and an in-room private chef on one of your nights. Yep, you get a private cabana at the pool and the price? The package kicks off at $3,899 for weekdays. We can't say if you'll ever walk the red carpet at the Palm Springs Film Fest -- best of luck if that's a goal -- or if you'll have a landmark house featured during Modernism Week. But getting a bit posh during the poshest time of year in the starry Springs is a wintertime tradition filled with a little glitter, a few Champagne bubbles, and a hefty amount of wowza. (For sure, Palm Springs visitor people, feel free to use that for your own materials -- we feel it represents the city's winter face quite accurately.)

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