Comic Canines: PAWmicon

Be a superhero to a hound or kitty in need.

WE MAY CAST A CURIOUS GLANCE... at people when we're out and about, wondering silently to ourselves whether they have a cape tucked under that jacket or some extrasensory goggles stowed in the pocket of their pants. For superhero lore tells us that those with the greatest powers don't always make that fact readily known (Exhibit A: Clark Kent). But we don't need to go searching too far for greatness when we gaze upon a cat or a dog. We 100% know that canines and felines possess abilities that seem almost supernatural, and we're not even talking about their knack for hearing the can opener from two rooms away. Rather, pups and kitties have enormous capacities for love and companionship, and a more tender, loyal BFF you couldn't ask for. If you'll be attending Comic-Con International, and you have a day when your own superhero, cape-laden talents aren't required, best make for the Hazard Center in Mission Valley for...

PAWMICON: Yes, this is the annual animal-sweet fundraiser from the Helen Woodward Animal Center, but do note that it is not happening at the center's Rancho Santa Fe HQ. The date is Saturday, July 23, and the time is late morning, leaving you lots of time to attend the Masquerade back in San Diego that night, and the pups? They'll be out in their "PAWSplay" best (oh yes, that's happening). It's Cosplay for a Cause, and the ten-bucks-to-enter costume contest will help the home-needing animals of the center. The center, by the by, mentions a trolley stop in Mission Valley, one that'll help con attendees join PAWmicon without driving. Need more info on that, animal-supporting superheroes? Read all, before flying for San Diego.

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