Coming Up: Squaw Valley’s Warm-Weather Spectaculars

Got your spring/summer ducks in a row? Time to line up those awesome Tahoe-close events, lake lovers.

Matt Palmer

SNEAKING UP ON US? Spring has a way of doing that, and summer, too, if only because March can be just so darn wintry at times. Buds may be blooming, and the tiniest of green leaves may be attempting to line various branches and limbs, and then, in sweeps the next cold front. It can reset our minds, in a way, to thinking it is January, or even December, not that it is actually springtime, and the things we'd normally be planning for, and anticipating, are much closer on the horizon than they appear. Such is the case as late March 2018 wraps, and our California mountains are fully plummeted by snowflakes, and we're staying well-scarf'd and well-soup'd. But lo, spring is actually here, and summer shall be, too, and Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadow is already looking head to some of its larger warm-weather-taculars, which are spectaculars that occur during the warmer months.

APRIL TO SEPTEMBER 2018... are the months, and on the get-fresh-air, hear-music, enjoy-life roster? The Made in Tahoe Festival over Memorial Day Weekend (shop for "all things local"), the 10th Annual Bluesday Concert Series, which kicks off on June 12, and runs through to Sept. 4, the Art, Wine & Music Festival in the very middle of July, Wanderlust Yoga Festival just a week after that, the 30th Annual Alpen Wine Fest on Sept. 2, and Guitar Strings vs. Chicken Wings on Sept. 7. There's so much more — you bet, Oktoberfest is, of course, oompahing, as it does, at the destination — that checking the schedule for more music parties, more foodie gatherings, and more more moreness is the best thing to do now. Eat some more soup, throw on a sweater, but winter is over, technically: Time to look ahead to summery adventures that are as terrifically Tahoe in spirit, vibe, and, yes, location.

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