Commune with the Cosmos, in Death Valley

The Dark Sky Festival is ready to peer up and into the universe.

WHETHER OR NOT... there are national parks in other reaches of the universe, or winter nights, or months called March, or even things called months, is up to fanciful conjecture, wilder daydreams, and sci-fi novels. But there is a March here, and there are national parks, and a splendid one that's called Death Valley, so lucky us. And in early March 2019, when it is still wintertime, lovers of all things interplanetary and star-related will gather to gaze up, and to gaze deeply, and to ponder all that's near our home turf and very, very not near. It's the annual...

DARK SKY FESTIVAL, and it alights at Death Valley National Park from Friday, March 1 through Sunday, March 3. It's difficult to fully address the sheer fantastic-a-tude of the after-sundown sky in the desert-delightful region, but the festival will go for it, meaning that a number of different events are dotting the busy (but no-stress, have-fun) schedule. Shall there be a star party? It wouldn't a celebration of the dark sky without one. You can also expect ranger talks, those informative staples of a great national park weekend event, as well as guided hikes.

PLANETARIUM PROGRAMS, too, festoon the cosmic roster, so if you're a Mars person, or you veer toward Venus, preference-wise, such an outing could be for you. And the exploration fair? For sure, that will add to the educational aura of the festival. It isn't often we get a chance to honor nighttime, as a concept, and the astronomical gifts of the stars that so faithfully twinkle, and in such a spectacular setting. A setting that is, yes, quite lunar to our earth-accustomed eyes. Need all of the details, universe-obsessed adventurers? Don your moon suit and float to this site, now.

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