Cool: Dance Weekend in Monterey

Zumba to West Coast Swing: Shake your stuff at this stylish celebration.

Swing Dancing

IF YOU DANCED YOUR WAY... through the holiday season, from an impromptu night spent tapping a toe next to the local tavern's jukebox (the tavern you always visit while you're home at Christmas) to swanning about a ballroom on New Year's Eve, you can, with total accuracy, say that you're a fan of shaking your stuff. But shaking your stuff doesn't automatically wrap on the first day of the new year, even if opportunities to twirl in public are winding down, at least for a bit. For if you love to dance, you know that dance belongs to every single season, even January, when we're told to nest and de-clutter and re-think some goals (actually, all of those things are commendable, too). But if jumping, jiving, and performing the Lindy turn are still at the forefront of your dance-lovin' heart, be filled with cheer, and then fill your suitcase, and plan for a trip to Monterey. For the annual...

MONTEREY SWINGFEST... will once again bring joy, energy, and some truly classic steps to the historic city over a jubilant January weekend. The 2017 dates are Thursday, Jan. 12 through Sunday, Jan. 15, and West Coast Swing will indeed be a focal point. But Zumba is on the schedule, too, and Open Dancing, and the opportunitie to twirl, twirl, twirl through to dawn. Dancer Benji Schwimmer's Boot Camp is an add-on extra, if you want to brush up, and there's a free West Coast Swing Basics to-do if you're just learning. Above all, if you want to dance, with a lot of other swing-super revelers, this is going to be one of the scintillating spots to do so. Did you truly dance throughout the holidays? Keep those toes a-tappin', and hair a-flyin', at this finger-snapping celebration. A host of talented dancers'll be in the house, so check it all out now, cool cats.

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