Countdown to Magic Carpet Time, in Pacific Grove

The stunning sight, a springtime favorite on the pretty peninsula, is indeed magical.

"PICTURES CAN'T DO IT JUSTICE," we often say, about everything from a perfect dinner we enjoyed to the new apartment we're considering. But the Magic Carpet, those super-bright springtime flowers that stunningly pop up around the coastal areas of Pacific Grove, kind of has everything beat in this particular department. For sure, the snapshots are splendid, and anyone perusing pictures of the early-April-to-late-May occurrence can tell that the color of these flowers is truly terrific. But...

BEING RIGHT THERE, in person, to admire the magenta ice plant that blooms in the salty-air'd, ocean-close spots around pretty PG, is absolutely a must for any wildflower buff looking to complete a list of California must-sees. Call it magenta ice plant, call it Magic Carpet, or call it "drosanthemum floribundum," if you like, but don't spend too long deciding which name you prefer. For the yearly wonder is soon opening its purple-y petals for a limited time.

KEEP IN MIND, too, that these fabulous flowers close shop at night, folding those petals up, so you'll want to visit around "midday," per See Monterey (which also has a handy map on where to look for these fabulous flora). Also? They're not so into chillier days, preferring sunbeams, so, if you can, plan accordingly if you want to see them fully open (which you totally do). So, are you feeling the extreme wildflower joy yet? Best stay close to Pacific Grove, if you want to visit the...

ANNUAL WILDFLOWER SHOW... at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. It's an event that's billed as one of the biggest in the "Northern and Western Hemispheres with over 600 species and varieties of wildflowers." The dates? Oh, you'll be in the happy thick of it, if you're on the peninsula to soak up those Magic Carpet moments. The Wildflower Show will enchant flower fans from April 19 through 21, 2019. 

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