Creamy Steamy Scene: Chowder Day Bodega Bay

Are cups of seafood-based sublime-a-tude what rings your bell? Here's your wintertime must-do.

CAN YOU HAVE TWO CUPS... of chowder going at once? With a spoon in each? One bite to the left, then a bite to the right, then another bite to the left again? Well, quite obviously, a person can do what they like, and if enjoying a double portion of piquant, creamy seafood stew is up their appetite-pleasing alley, then they should have at it. But a tried-and-true chowderist would understandably say that each cup should get its full focus, down to the final chewy clam bit. Why even discuss, then, two cups of chowder goodness sharing a single place mat? Because when there are so many chowders to try, like there are at Chowder Day Bodega Bay, a person might feel like they have to double their cracker-dipping pleasure. But there will be time, on...

SATURDAY, JAN. 26, 2019, should you arrive in a timely manner at the picturesque burg, and you spend a few hours visiting all the participating spots. The restaurants and organizations that ladled their best chowder into guests' bowls at the 2018 event include Bluewater Bistro, Bodega Bay Firefighters Association, and Spud Point Crab Company. The choices are plentiful, the offerings are varied and vibrant, and there's no need to two-bowl-it at once; just make the time to try 'em all.

BUT DO MAKE TIME, soon, to purchase your ticket to this delish fundraiser, which raises money for "the various charities of Bodega Bay." A ticket is $12, and there are two tasting start times to choose from: 10 a.m. and noon. Bonus? You can love upon your favorite chowder via a ballot. Lots more info, including ticket 411, may be found here, chowder peeps.

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