Crystal Ice Cave Tours: Now Open

See the wondrous wintertime sight at Lava Beds National Monument on a select Saturday.


NO SUPERHERO... nor intergalactic crime fighter nor moonbeam sorceror calls the Crystal Ice Cave at Lava Beds National Monument home, but a person could be forgiven for thinking that the subterranean wonderland of shimmery beauty might be home to an otherworldly figure. It is, after all, full of ethereal ice formations, and seeing those formations require that one A) reserve a spot on a tour that B) only happen on Saturdays through C) January into March. Oh yes, and D) you'll need to get to Lava Beds National Monument, which isn't in the middle of any hubbub, or even adjacent to any hubbub, but is actually marvelously remote. Once you're there, though, among the exquisitely icy artworks — artworks hailing from nature, of course — you'll likely scratch the visit off your bucket list, as it is quite the bucket-list-y thing to do. Tours just opened for the 2018 season, and spaces do go fast, so if you want to spend over...

THREE HOURS... doing some deep and wintry cave exploration, best slide into a spot lickety-split. "This is a strenuous excursion and is recommended for those in very good physical condition," states the official site for the cave, so keep in mind that you'll be facing "ice patches" as well as a "sheer, 50-foot long sloped ice floor while holding onto a rope." The best bet? Review all the specifics pronto, including what you'll need to arrive with in the way of gear. If you're game, then take a look at the calendar, and what day you'll need to phone to reserve the date of your choice (there's a whole grid with all of the dately details). Might this be the most magical part of your year? And will it happen in the first fourth of the year? That's a definite maybe, if you find caves and ice and the secrets of our planet exceptionally enthralling. But of course you do, so click here now, then get your stuff in order before your excitement-filled drive to Lava Beds National Monument.

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