Cuisine Deals Flower During Calistoga Restaurant Week

California Restaurant Month is wrapping up, and so are several area Restaurant Weeks; best go now, eat-out buffs.

JANUARY, it almost need not be said, is on the long side, as months go, boasting, as it does, 31 days. That right there can make it feel a little long, but it can also feel lengthy when the weather is especially wintry, or when we're buckling down in an attempt to return to our routines, the very routines that the holidays changed up, as they have a way of doing each year. But January can seem to go pretty quickly when it comes to finding food-based deals and discounts around the Golden State. For the first month of the year is California Restaurant Month, and, within that framework, several Restaurant Weeks, from San Diego to Santa Ynez Valley to Napa Valley, do deliciously pop up. And when the end of the month draws near, and the time seems to have flown on getting to one of these foodie events, well... January can seem as far shorter than it usually does. You're in luck, though, if you've been wanting to do a Restaurant Week, and you've been hoping to call upon Calistoga to support the area businesses following the nearby fires in the fall. For...

CALISTOGA RESTAURANT WEEK... is on through Sunday, Jan. 28 (which is sweet, since a number of Restaurant Weeks have a way of ending on Saturday, not Sunday). What's the deal? Lots of $36 and $46 prix fixe dinner menus at a bevy of local restaurants, from All Seasons Bistro to Evangeline to Solbar, and a caboodle of lunches priced at twenty bucks (Bosko's Trattoria, Hydro Bar & Grill, and La Prima Pizza are all on the roster). And while it isn't part of Calistoga Restaurant Week, keep in mind that Winter in the Wineries, the passport that gives visitors a chance to get acquainted with area vinos, is still on through Sunday, Feb. 4. How lucky for those who love discounts, dining, and nice wine, then, and winter getaways, too, that two great Calistoga happenings overlap.

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