Cypress Inn: New ‘Pillow Talk' Package

Tell the pooches the news, or a very special friend: You're headed for Carmel-by-the-Sea.

PLENTY OF PROPERTIES... love to use the word "pillow" in vacation promotions, because, of course, that's just what weary daydreamers are hoping to enjoy: A soft, fluffy pillow in a nice hotel in a pretty town somewhere outside of the city they call home. But only one hotel has true dibs, thematically, on the title "Pillow Talk" and all of the movie-sweet cuteness it implies. We do, in fact, speak of the Cypress Inn, as you very likely guessed, a 1929 Spanish charmer that's a few blocks from the soft cream-hued sand of Carmel-by-the-Sea's beach, and just a nudge off the main eatery-and-shops thoroughfare, Ocean Avenue. The co-owner of the inn -- that would be Doris Day, as you also surely know -- starred with Rock Hudson in a little film called "Pillow Talk" back in 1959, and, yes, we joke about the "little" part; just about every romantic comedy owes some of its flirty DNA to this sweet flick. So that Ms. Day's own Cypress Inn would name a new stay-over package in honor of one of her best-known works hums with quaint cute-a-tude, the kind of quaint cuteness that happens in the Cypress Inn's lobby when a pack of Pugs steps through the door. The hotel is known for being beyond dog-friendly, with little Lassies and big tail-waggers regularly staying over with their people. People who may be interested in booking the "Pillow Talk" package from... 

NOV. 1 THROUGH DEC. 30, 2015: Drawing from the adorable, and somewhat provocative (for the time) romantic themes, the package includes "deluxe lodgings, a DIY beach bonfire kit, artisan chocolates, and craft cocktail session." Oh yes, and oysters on the half shell, a half dozen, that most talked-about alleged aphrodisiac. Oysters will also set you in the mood for your six-block stroll to the beach. The kit that's part of the deal includes "two chairs, towels, mini-cooler, cheese board, and wine opener." Honest, you know you'll start sighing over how busy the holiday season has made you, running here and there. Could you and your sweetheart celebrate the season before the season really kicks in? Think how refreshed and relaxed you'll be as you approach the office parties and last-minute to-dos. As far as being inspired by "Pillow Talk" and its famous romantic vibe? Consider that Ms. Day's film posters fill the inn's bar area, so perhaps those shall be conversation-starters, in the realm of amour, for you and your getaway companion. For prices, details, and more, sashay this way, as though you were walking across a film set circa 1959.

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