Cypress Inn: Puppy Love Time

Can your pooch perform a trick? You might score an upgrade at the historic Carmel hotel.

WHAT'S ON YOUR CANINE'S CALENDAR... for February? Probably, we imagine, what's typically on your sweet one's schedule during any random month. There'll be some potential toy chewing, and the licking of a leg now and then, and some staring out the front window, and some waiting by the door when you run to the store. Your dog's all-important, set-in-stone -- er, fur -- schedule pretty much repeats on any and every day of the year, except those times when you travel and have to arrange for your little lovey to stay with a pal or sitter. You could, of course, significantly change up your cuddlebun's calendar, and in a way that involves them and their awesome abilities (or merely there awesome cuteness). A visit to The Cypress Inn at Carmel-by-the-Sea is a dog-welcoming event any day of the year, but come the second month things get seriously sweet. That's when the Puppy Love package launches, just in time for a certain occasion that falls near the middle of the month, but the historic spot keeps the canine-a-tude woofing from Feb. 1 straight through to the last day in March. Surely that's okay with your dog's schedule? Do you need to check his day planner to make sure there are no conflicts in the staring-out-the-window/awaiting-the-mail department? Do so, and then book your (and his) room at The Cypress Inn and snag...

AN UPGRADE... if young mister can perform a trick at check-in. Can you he sit, shake, woof on cue? Not only will he garner applause but you'll garner that upgrade, if one's available. There's a Friday and Saturday "Tea with Toto" in the hotel's often photographed Day Room, and trust there are treats for your four-footed co-adventurer in addition to treats for you (just be sure to pre-reserve your place). Yappy Hour at Terry's Lounge, as always, romps daily, and there's a Muttini in it for your muttsie should you show from 4 to 6 o'clock (the traditional Yappy Hour span). Treat turndown service and a collar tag with The Cypress Inn's iconic logo are also part of the package, as is this feel-good element: Ten bucks from each Puppy Love Package reservation will be donated to the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Ms. Day, of course, is the celebrated co-proprietor of The Cypress Inn, and her declaration that the hotel would forever embrace our Fido friends still stands. Not every place accepts dogs, but far fewer spoil them in such awww-worthy ways. Now, really: Can your little guy woof on command? Best start practicing for the possible upgrade.

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