Drakesbad Guest Ranch: Book Now for 2017

Plan your next-summer stay at the electricity-free cabins inside Lassen Volcanic National Park.

WHEN YOU'RE A MEMBER OF THE CASCADES, and you've been around for eons, but one of your volcanic eruptions happened so recently it was caught on film, and, yes, 1915 is very recent in terms of volcanoes, you have true presence. You're there, you're solid, you're gigantatron, and you're not heading anywhere or doing anything for the time being except being an enormous peak that can be viewed from miles around. Which is all to say this: Lassen Peak, and its home turf, Lassen Volcanic National Park, will stay put, and stay open, for the winter season, a time of year that can and does see snowfall around the peak's Northern California environs. But Drakesbad Guest Ranch, the famous historic lodging within the park's borders, does take the winter off, what with the weather and all, for people are not peaks (spoiler alert) and getting to the location shouldn't be hampered by frosty conditions. So if you want to visit Lassen Volcanic in the winter? Do, just check road conditions. If you want to stay at the charming, electricity-free Drakesbad during its warm-weather run? Do, just...

BOOK NOW FOR 2017: Like with any lodging situation that only hangs out the "open" sign for part of the year, Drakesbad Guest Ranch's dance card fills up months ahead of its yearly debut. It's closed for the rest of 2016, but the prospective opening date in 2017, June 2, isn't too far on the horizon. That means you can reserve asap, and find your sweet cabin or room, and not worry about having to cobble together your summertime trip when the springtime rolls around (and many dates are booked up). Oh, and yes, we did say "electricity-free" earlier, for "(a)ll accommodations are rustic and quaint, most without electricity." Kerosene lamps are provided, giving guests a "welcome respite from the modern world." With the super-connected lives we all lead, one can easily see how such an opportunity would appeal, vastly. So book now, for 2017, but if you have a hankering to visit the Cascades this winter, you don't even need to leave the state to do so: Just say hello to Lassen Peak, or the not-too-far-off Medicine Lake Volcano, or dear Mount Shasta, also longtime members of the Cascades club, one of the most venerable societies in the state.

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