Earth Day Tours at Safari West

A lunch in honor of the important day, and a chance to take the Nairobi Trek Loop, are on the roster.

Safari West

YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO FAR... to find an earthling who is making this planetary journey at the same time you are. You can walk into a store, and, bingo: earthlings, here, now, in a parallel path to your own. You can stroll into your yard, and spy a nest in a tree, or some pups out for a constitutional, and bingo again: more earthlings. They're all around, living their lives alongside us, or at least adjacent to our vicinity, which, really, is about as neato as it gets, and even a touch sci-fi, if you start to ponder this planet's vast and diverse community of beings. But reaching out, and stretching further, and going to those earthlings you might not encounter in your front yard, or at the store or the car wash or school, can take some effort, but happy effort, if you know you'll be spending Earth Day with them. Safari West, in Santa Rosa, will be open on that important day, offering a created-for-the-occasion lunch as well as some other get-to-know-the-world doings. Earth Day is on...

SATURDAY, APRIL 22, and the "Special Earth Day Lunch" is on from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30. (it's local organic grass-fed burgers, with the trimmings, but there's a bean burger option, too). You can arrive earlier though, for the Nairobi Trek Loop opens at 10, and happens "every 45 minutes." What will you see? Well, helloooo, beautiful Southern White Rhinos and other majestic animalia. If the smaller mammals are your personal jam, indulge that particular interest by eyeing the Earth Day displays devoted to the critters (as well as our feathery friends). Where to go? The Amari Oasis and its big aviary. Eager to commune, or at least wave at and admire, some earthlings outside of your day-to-day sphere? Go Safari West, lunch it up, and see what how our earthly co-travelers spend their time. But best make your reservations first.

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