Earthy Pleasures Rule the Napa Truffle Fest

Are these glorious knobs o' earthy goodness your go-to gourmet treat? Best get to the NV for more truffle-y times.

THE HOLIDAYS, it may be accurately said, see a good number of foods being sprinkled atop other foods that may or may not be similar to the sprinkled foodstuff. Think peppermint sprinkles atop sugar cookies and pineapple chunks atop glazed hams and chocolate bits generously thrown across the tops of various cakes. The gourmet is rarely glad, come decadent December, if a dish is lacking in something that is covering that dish, deliciously. But there are few sprinkle-ready superstars to match the nose-strong, palate-amazing, unmistakably itself truffle, which finds itself topping omelets, bowls of popcorn, meat-centered meals, and oodles of other entrées throughout the calendar. So the fact that the...

NAPA TRUFFLE FESTIVAL... is just a few weeks after the Christmas season, when we're already in the mode of putting yummy things on top of other yummy things, is a happy one. That there will be opportunities to nosh upon the treasured, loamy fungus is also happy, as is the knowledge that education-based happenings will be as fertile as a truffle-filled forest at the event. On the schedule? A Scientific Truffle Growing Seminar, Truffle Orchard Tour/Dog Training Demos, and the chance to "(t)aste, learn, and experience all things truffle!" at The CIA at COPIA.

ALSO? If you're in the mood to go home with your very own truffle, "Fresh Black Truffles" will be available for purchase throughout the weekend. And that weekend? Jan. 18 through 21, 2019 are the dates for the 9th annual Napa Truffle Festival. And the ticket information you'll need, before you can start dreaming of omelets/popcorn/fries/everything topped with truffle shavings? Begin here.

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