Elegant Evening: Later Tours Begin at Hearst Castle

Enjoy The Enchanted Hill as the sun bids adieu for the night.

SPRING AND FALL... have plenty in common. They both kick off with equinoxes, not solstices, for one. Two? We're looking at smaller changing things in nature, come spring and fall, like tiny buds shooting up from the damp soil and beautiful leaves going red and yellow. And three? Both of them have slight softer qualities, as compared to the beautiful dramas of winter and summer, which can be so snowy and ice-tastic or so fiery and sweat-inducing. There's a place in California that's known for a certain softness in its vistas, especially come evening, and it boasts an equally gentle name — The Enchanted Hill — that also fits right in, fabulously. For while Hearst Castle, which calls The Enchanted Hill home, does have the visual drama, its views, out to the ocean and nearby hills, are springlike or even autumnal in nature, quite often, thanks to the fog, mist, and softer hues. That the popular Evening Tours at the art-filled, San Simeon-based landmark happen in both the softer seasons, at the softest moment of the day, makes total sense. And...

THEY'RE BACK, for the spring season, so book your spot and learn more about William Randolph Hearst, his companion Marion Davies, his many celebrity guests, and plenty of facts about the structures and their treasures. "Tours are 100 minutes long and feature a nice combination of the areas typically shown on our 3 main daytime tours," reveals a Facebook post, and the "...tours have the added benefit of our Living History docents dressed in 1930s costume who are stationed around the estate as if they were all invited up to a party put on by Mr. Hearst and Ms. Davies." An adult ticket is $36, and child's ticket is $18, and the tours are available in March, April, and May. Have you ever experienced a soft twilight, at The Enchanted Hill, on a soft April evening? While learning a lot about history, real-life characters, and architecture? Here's your chance.

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