Enjoy Monterey Bay Aquarium at Sundown

Evenings by the Bay return with sips, songs, and those celebrated sardine sightings.

IF OUR FANCIES... have been thoroughly captivated and 100% captured by the ocean in the daytime — and we feel confident in saying that most people feel captivated by our planet's big water and all of its wonders — the ocean by night can hold a different and even deeper allure. For while we can't exactly see beneath the water's surface even at noon, unless we're knee-deep in some clear, beach-close H2O, we really don't know what exactly is happening out in the waves when the stars cast their pretty twinkle. Which all leads to this: Many people love being near the ocean at sundown, and after the sun sets, and, again, we'll stand by our confidence in making such a statement. But where to do so if you'd like a glass of vino, and to hear some music, and to admire an array of animals as they swim, snooze, play, and do their thing? 

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM... is the spot, and Evenings by the Bay is the swanky but casual summertime event that makes a nighttime ocean-close visit a possibility. Well, ocean-close with wine, music, and a chance to nosh upon small bites. It's happening every Saturday in 2018 through the first of September, there's a cash bar, and the tuneage ranges from jazz to funk to R&B. The time to go? It all begins at 6 p.m. on the first weekend day, and it all splashes away by 8, or just a pinch after the sun bids its goodbye for the night. It's a magic hour, or two, truly, and the chance to be otter-adjacent, and near all of those iconic aquarium sardines, at a social kind of scene, is sweet. Do you feel the allure? Will you wave at the darkening ocean as you depart Evenings by the Bay? Truth: If that water captivates us in the daytime, our heart utterly belongs to it by night.

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