Evenings by the Bay in Monterey

Prepare for live music, sips aplenty, and a twilight-cool vibe, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

THERE'S NO LIGHT SWITCH... for the ocean, nor is there a dimmer on the beach, and if we asked you to pull the shades on the Pacific, so its waterborne residents could catch a little shuteye? Well, you'd scoff at such a suggestion, and your scoffing would be right on the money. But just because our experience of nighttime is far different than what happens at the Big Water doesn't mean we can't wish to hang out with it, or very adjacent to it, after the sun makes its last daily bow. We don't even need to board a boat to commune, post-gloaming, with the waves and what lives beneath them, not if we keep the special summer happening at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in mind. It is...

EVENINGS BY THE BAY... we so fondly speak of here, that every-so-often happening that A) warms up in the warmer weather and B) gives aquarium aficionados the chance to stroll the sardine-tacular institution right through to 8 o'clock at night. That's just about when the ocean would be hitting the dimmer or nightlight, if it had either, making the aquarium event pretty special. Adding to the specialness? Live jazz, funk, rock, and soul, cash bars pouring local-and-beyond vinos (and more), and the chance to nosh upon bites, both of the small assortment and grilled, too. Good to note? Parts of the aquarium shutter after normal closing time, so know you won't be sauntering through the whole space (but, definitely, some of it, and, as you might expect, a spectacular portion). And is it included with admission? Your sips and supping are separate, but your being there, at Evenings by the Bay, is indeed included with your entry price. You've got a few select Fridays and Saturdays to choose from, in July and August, so pause whatever viral otter video you're playing and get to choosing, pronto.

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