Fa, La, Island Getaway: The 12 Days of Catalina

Kayak rental discounts, deals on glass-bottom boat trips, and other Avalon-awesome choices await, Catalina-loving revelers.

PLACING A SHINY STAR... upon the most iconic sight in Catalina Island? You might first wish you could do just that, if you could easily fly over the top of the famous Casino Building. Or perhaps the shiny, twinkling star could sit upon the bow of a Glass Bottom Boat, or atop one Avalon's vintage buildings, or The Airport in the Sky, or The Marlin Club, or the entrance to the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden, or perhaps on a hill where the beloved bison congregate (though we wouldn't want the star to be too shiny, since we'd want the bison to be able to sleep whenever they liked). It's easy to think of many fantastic destinations, both natural and made by humans, on the snug and spectacular island, and when the holidays arrive? The cheer of Catalina only seems to increase, a feeling that is punctuated with an exclamation point on New Year's Eve, thanks to the balloon-drop party at the Casino ballroom. If you'd like to find some of that festiveness about 22 miles away from the mainland, and save money, too, consider looking into...

THE 12 DAYS OF CATALINA: The whole merry promotion kicks off on Wednesday, Dec. 13 and zip lines right through to Christmas Eve with specials and gratis goodies galore. Some of the perks you'll find on specific days? You'll save 20% off on a Zip Line Eco Tour should you reserve on Dec. 14, "(c)omplimentary kayak rentals with two nights of camping" on Dec. 19, and 30% on Glass Bottom Boat tours on Dec. 23 (a Saturday). Book on Dec. 18 and you'll score a midweek night, Sunday-Thursday, at the Banning House Lodge at Two Harbors, should you stay and pay for at least two other nights. Note that you won't need to actually participate in the outing you choose on its "12 Days of Catalina" date, but you'll need to book on that particular date to save (and complete whatever you've booked by March 3, 2018). For the full lovely list, swim this way for all of the discounts and details on a plethora of Catalina-based places and pursuits.

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