Fab Fashion Rules Dapper Day at Disneyland

Vintage looks and fancy-fun garb are the rules of the dressy-dressy to-do.

HAVE YOU EVER BEMOANED... the fact that hats, as a daily wearable item, aren't as common as they were, say, a few decades ago? Or that you don't often seen glittery brooches out in public? Or that the lacey parasol, as an accessory, seems to be as rare as snow in Hollywood? There's an event where your bemoaning can cease, at least for a few festive hours. It's Dapper Day, a dress-up, show-off-your-best-threads gathering that pops up at places around Southern California, every now and then. And...

DISNEYLAND RESORT... happens to be one of those places, which makes sense, given the landmark's well-known vintage character. Dapperists are returning to the Anaheim destination on Sunday, Nov. 3, to ride rides, pose for pictures, and enjoy seeing a host of hats, brooches, and parasols, too. For attendees do go the distance on dressing up, and while the era that Disneyland began is a favorite inspiration, the loose rule of the day is to wear what you love best, whatever the era. Just think fancy, or a little special, when combing your closet. Speaking of closets, the...

DAPPER DAY EXPO... is happening on both Nov. 2 and 3 at the Disneyland Hotel. Swing by for some shopping, if you feel as though you're low on brooches, hats, lovely frocks, or beautiful neckties. There's a ticket for that, and, yep, you'll need a ticket to enter the parks, if you decide to go inside either Disneyland park or Disney California Adventure. But swanning about the hotel lobbies or Downtown Disney District in your finery? That's free. Bemoan the lack of hats and brooches no longer, vintage mavens. Just get to The Hat-iest Place on Earth, we mean The Happiest Place on Earth, for a sunshiny day of sartorial pleasures.

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