Fangtooth Wallpaper: MBA's Halloween Treat

The impressive-of-mouth fishy is the Monterey Bay Aquarium's star of the month.

AQUATIC EEKS: Everyone knows that animalia and the eeriest of all occasions (the one at the end of October) are a longtime twosome, but so often that twosome is built around those beasties who live upon terra firma. True, the occasional ocean-based denizen shines in the Halloween costume department — there's usually a shark at any given large-scale celebration — but we probably do not give the ocean its dastardly due when Oct. 31 arrives. ("Dastardly," of course, is said cheekily there, as the ocean is a place of marvels and is definitely not full of villainous rogues looking to engage in comically evil plots.) It's worth finding frightful and fun inspiration from our vast waters when Halloween draws near, and even if we don't dress up as a shark, or a seahorse, or a shrimp, we can still enjoy all the impressive eeks the ol' Glub-Glub has to give. Look to Monterey Bay Aquarium, which always gets into the swing of the season, both via its pumpkin-loving Giant Octopus and its monthly wallpaper. That wallpaper for October is the...

FABULOUS FANGTOOTH, a glub-glub-ing superstar who more than lives up to its amazing moniker (see: its mouth). You bet, it is from way deep down below the waves, and, you got it, when it feels peckish it "simply opens its big mouth and sucks the animal inside." You may never spy a fangtooth in the wild — or, if you prefer to be fancy, an Anoplogaster cornuta — but you can spy it on your computer, daily, when you download the aquarium's complimentary wallpaper. After that is done, best get to deciding on that Halloween costume. You could be a fangtooth, but consider a seahorse, or a shrimp, two fabulous ocean favorites that should receive far more play in the Halloween dress-up arena. Seriously, a shrimp. That's an excellent costume, right up there with a crab and a mollusk. Consider it.

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