Farm-to-Table in Tahoe City

ONE DAY, MAYBE: Perhaps there will be a day in the future, not so far off, where every city with a farmers market also features frequent farm-to-table dinners. Certainly the farm-to-table evening isn't a snap to put on -- there is much coordination involved -- but they're a major part of the any community interested in where the eats are coming from, how they're grown, and yep, if they're tasty. (They usually are.) Tahoe City is throwing its very first farm-to-table extravaganza, on the shores of Commons Beach. The date is Tuesday, July 19, and if you'll be at the lake, and are keen to support local growers, get info on tickets now (only 100 will be sold).

DELISH DETAILS: All the dishes served will be based on ingredients purchased at the Tahoe City farmers market. Several local chefs will pitch in on creating the four-course meal, so figure it is a good way to get to know several of the people behind the toque in one fell (and lip-smacking) swoop. Tickets are $125 person, and the good supping starts at 6 p.m.

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