Festive Fortnight

Mendocino County is doing up the season with songs and tours.


WE'RE THERE: You're probably like us when it comes to things tagged "fortnight." Frankly someone could put "fortnight" next to the name of a food we don't care for and we'd line up for seconds. We're that charmed by the concept. After all, if something is going on for a week, why shouldn't it happen for two? And when it is happening around Mendocino County, and it involves the holidays, and inn tours and the singing of "Messiah," why, truly, is a fortnight enough? Should something that lovely be *two* fortnights? Oh wait. Hi. That's a month. Well, no matter; the Festive Fortnight, happening from Dec. 1 through Dec. 14 around Mendo, has enough sparkle to fill many a cup.

ON THE CALENDAR: "(H)oliday-themed specials and discounts" all around the area, and at all sorts of places, including shops and restaurants. A Coastal Candlelight Inn Tour is part of the plan, too, as is a Sing-a-Long Messiah. And the Lighted Truck Parade, which is so, so Mendo-marvy to us (yep, we said "marvy," but consider that we intend to use "fortnight" several more times before this post wraps). It's a good time in a magical, tree-bedecked region, and if you'll be in that neck during early December, we'd get in with some of the seasonal happenings. After all, Festive Fortnights don't come around every day. Er, week. Er, fortnight? Month. We meant month. Oh, dear.

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