Fiesta del Mar

Monterey Bay Aquarium

IN THE NEWS: The Monterey Bay Aquarium has been in the headlines this past late summer and early fall. Of course, the world-class institution often makes the news, but the exhibiting of a young great white and its new sea otter section has garnered some print (and internet) and brought the visitors. Next up on the aquarium's calendar? Fiesta del Mar. It's the venue's annual Latin American cultural festival, and while there are a host of interesting activities going on -- performance by Aztec dancers, a bilingual animal feeding presentation, and the presentation of an environmental hero award by wrestling star El Hijo de Santo -- the day also puts an emphasis on ocean conservation.

WATER WONDERS: The date is Sunday, Oct. 16, and both the otter exhibit and the kelp forest will get special spotlights. We should also note that children under age 12 can enter sans admission.

WHAT'S AHEAD: The aquarium is putting together both a Halloween party and a Halloween dinner on Saturday, Oct. 29. Now, we don't find the ocean especially scary -- powerful and magnificent and full of secrets and mysteries, yes -- but we'll suspend all that and get into the spooky spirit. Eek! Is that a bat ray? See? Well. Now we're thinking of translucent jellies. Okay. Those are pretty freaky, in the best sense.

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