Flap for Bodega Bay's Annual Avian Affair

Still feeling beaked, we mean piqued, over "The Birds"? This could be your feathery fest.

SPY ONE PRETTY BIRD, high on a branch, and you might be inclined to start whistling a tune, or thinking springful thoughts, or feeling extra glad in your heart. Spy several birds amassing on a piece of playground equipment, outside of a vintage schoolhouse, as the air around you turns quite chilly, and you'll skip whistling the fun tune and move to more brooding thoughts. You'll even likely say one word aloud, whether you're alone or not: Hitchcock. And if you say two words? Those words will be "The Birds." For seeing such a sight instantly summons the...

ICONIC 1963 FILM... to mind, an eerie movie that is synonymous with seeing birds in strange groupings, as well as one oh-so-real California hamlet: Bodega Bay. That is, after all, a setting for the Alfred Hitchcock-helmed hit, and while it has changed a little bit over the last half century (and half decade), Bodega Bay still boasts oodles of burg-sweet charms. Those timeless charms will be on full display on Saturday, March 23 when the 7th annual Hitchcock Film Festival returns to the Pacific-close town. Of course, "The Birds" will screen, and not just once either, but twice, meaning you savor the great Tippi Hedren's performance and all of those chilling moments at noon and again at 7 o'clock.

"HITCHCOCK ENTHUSIAST"... Dan Sneed will be there to talk about the film, and there shall be drinks for sale and snacks, too. And at 3:30 iin the afternoon? Oh, eek, "Psycho" will screen, adding a little desert-dreadful, motel-style macabre to the ocean-breezy event. The money raised from the fest will help out the arts programs at two area schools, which is mighty cool. Also cool? You can secure your tickets in advance.

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