Forks Ready: California Restaurant Month

The January state-wider of a eats-focused fest has deals and interesting meals.


PRIX FIXE TIME: If December has a cornucopia of cuisine-awesome choices, from homemade cookies to lavish holiday affairs, well... so does January. The first month of the year, when compared to the last, doesn't always get the fairest of shakes, because it doesn't boast the line-up of holidays that December can so readily call its own. But January, at least 'round the Golden State, has something that the twelfth month can't add to its already full line-up of pluses: Restaurant Weeks. In fact, there are so many Restaurant Weeks bubbling, like a hot pot of tasty soup on some huge stove, that a full-on Restaurant Month encompasses them all. And, of course, it comes with the sup-loving state name in its meal-oriented moniker. If California Restaurant Month piques your piquant-food-craving, plate-seeking, price-dropping-loving spirit, find out the eateries that are on board with the prix fixe packages, the discounts, and the get-'em-now gourmet treats that have become a savory staple of January. The dates are...

JAN. 1 THROUGH 31, 2017, but best check to see on the specific weeks in specific places. For example, San Diego Restaurant Week is on from Jan. 15 through 22, while Dine Downtown Sacramento is set for Jan. 12 through 22. The Sactown spectacular is listing $35 for a three-courser, but eye the restaurant you want to check out to see the specific price and whether two, or three, or four courses will be involved (and what your choices are). Nine-Ten in La Jolla is offering a three-course dinner for $50, and the selections include Hamachi Sashimi, Seared Local Tuna, and Half-Baked Chocolate Cake. That's right, dear eater-outers: January has a bit of a jump on all the other months, even food-filled December, in the dine-out, find-deals department. Where will you go for savings and supper? Plot your plate-lined course now.

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