Free Alfresco Fun: Take It Outside California!

Enjoy sunshine, sand, trees, and nature during the first weekend in May.

EVEN WHEN THE TEMPERATURE IS IDEAL — say, right around 77 degrees, but with an occasional cooling breeze that feels as though it is passed some distant snowy peak a couple of hours back — we can still forget to find our way outside. After all, the computer calls, and all of the everythingness it holds, from messages to answer to messages to write to photos to post to repeat and start again. And yet the beginning of May traditionally offers we indoorers, or at least those of us who've been fairly indoor-oriented all winter, the chance to step outdoors and bask in all of that lovely sunshine and those chill breezes and the gift of a 77-degree day. To kindly remind us that nature awaits, and early May is incredibly astounding in five hundred different beautiful ways, and that there are free pursuits to pursue around the Golden State, there is...

TAKE IT OUTSIDE CALIFORNIA! The early-May event, which is organized by the California Council of Land Trusts, is "... a statewide initiative to connect all Californians to great outdoor places and experiences." The experiences? They might include hiking, a picnic, and all sorts of things that can be gladly and gratefully enjoyed under the sun and near a beach or trees or a canyon or in a desert. The 2018 dates are Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6, and a number of events, like Kite Day in Menlo Park, are listed on a map. Even if you don't join one of the 2018 Take It Outside California! happenings, you can put a pin in May's first weekend, each and every year, to turn off the alerts, for the moment, and find those old sneakers, the shoes that can carry you on a nice, hilly ramble. Isn't early May perfection is so many parts of our state? The only thing to do is, indeed, take it outside, California.

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