Garden Court Hotel: Take the Lift Home Deal

Spend a Friday through Sunday night at the Palo Alto stay-over spot and save.

WEEKDAYING IT... around Palo Alto? Plenty of people do, for work, to get some shopping done, or for one of the other myriad reasons offered by the bustling burg. But just because Friday saunters along, and your meetings are done, and your Palo Alto-based must-dos are officially through, doesn't mean you have to split. The Garden Court Hotel wants to give visitors and not-so-far-off locals alike a chance to dig deeper into the DTPA weekend scene, by offering a spend-the-night deal that comes festooned with a few perks. It's called Take the Lift Home — yes, as in the elevator — and it is available each Friday through Sunday for a good long while ("good long while"=through Sept. 29, 2017). What's on the discounts and super nice things roster for this end-of-the-week-er? You'll nab...

25% OFF AT THE BEST AVAILABLE RATE... for a single night's stay, and gratis valet parking, too (there's a lot of legging it around the strollable area, so you may stow your vehicle for the duration of your Garden Court Hotel sojourn). As for a food and drink credit? You'll get one of those, too, to the tune of $25. The Wi-Fi is complimentary, though, with the weekend and all, you may want to chill checking in on your various feeds, just to make it a true vacation (even if you're not all that far from home). The rate starting point? It's $215, plus taxes, and your room will be based on availability. If you're weekdaying it nearby, ponder rounding it all out, with a touch of R&R, and not too much weekend working, at the Cowper Street retreat.

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