Garlic-Creative Chefs, It’s Gilroy Go-Time

Are you part of a pro team or among the "amateur backyard grillers"? Your time to get garlicky for glory is coming up.

DO YOU HAVE A NICKNAME, like The Fabulous 40 Clover or The Bulb Boss? Are you known to throw a bunch of garlic slices into an otherwise mild breakfast dish, which is traditionally the least garlicky meal of the day? Heck, do you even add garlic to your desserts and cocktails? Then not only are you fully enamored with the one-of-a-kind add-in, but you're quite creative, too (just admit it). Not only that, you'll take culinary risks, and go out on a few limbs, and eagerly employ a certain clove-y heat in a number of edibles, and not just the traditional garlic-tinged dishes. Surely you've won accolades at home, and among your friends, but isn't it time that the public knows about your garlic-based greatness? The...

GILROY GARLIC FESTIVAL... wants to know about you, and all garlic-loving cooks who want to go for garlicky glory at the summertime celebration. So the call is out, as of late February 2019, for "... both professional BBQ teams and amateur backyard grillers" to enter one of the spiciest showdowns around. It's the fourth annual Gilroy Garli-Que BBQ Challenge, a savory centerpiece of the three-day festival, and it will surely once again inspire a whole caboodle of caliente, big-of-flavor entries. The "total purse" in 2018? Hoo goodness, it was $11,000, plus trophies, which means that the victors really will revel after walking away with top honors. But hold up, before you and your garlic-loving buds start dancing around the kitchen, for...

YOU'LL WANT TO ENTER SOON, as in super-soon, for spaces can fill up for this known far-and-wide competition. Here's all the good stuff you'll want to bone up on, while devising what you'll make, plus the rules and such, too. As for the dates of the 2019 Gilroy Garlic Festival? Bulbs go big from July 26 through 28.

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