Garlic People, Save Clams on Gilroy Fest Tickets

Buy a combo ticket and save ten bucks (but do it by midnight on March 8).

THERE AREN'T MANY FOODS... that you eat that have an instant knack of reminding you of an event or happening, later in the year, in a different town. Sure, if you have a churro, and you're not at Disneyland Resort, you may immediately think of the Anaheim theme park while you nosh, and an æbleskiver enjoyed outside of Solvang? You'll probably picture the windmill-laden town while chowing down on the pastry. And while you may eat garlic a lot, like a whole bunch, as in daily, as in, at every meal, you may still think of Gourmet Alley, at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, with every clove-y bite. For garlic and Gilroy are as braided together, in many minds, as an actual garlic braid, and eating a garlicky pasta and not pondering how long it is before the next festival just doesn't seem possible. But take note: The next festival is always coming around more quickly than we think it is, and if you're ready to start dreaming of all the hot-breath'd goodies you'll devour at the July 27-29 party, then consider a...

2018 COMBO TICKET: The discounted tickets are on sale through midnight on Thursday, March 8, and you'll score a cool tenner off if you buy it, lickety-split, before the deal closes. What does a Combo Ticket do for you? You'll get into the festival, yep, and you'll also enjoy a Gourmet Alley Combo Plate. You'll want to use the code GARLIC40 at checkout, too. Why the "40" in the code? Glad you asked: It's the Gilroy Garlic Festival's 40th anniversary, which means a lot of garlic-obsessed eaters have been savoring a lot of spicy sublimeness over four foodful decades now. Jump into this deal, as fast as a clove sizzles in an olive oil-drizzled pan, and get your tasty deal to a fiery fest.

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