Garlicky Vittles Reign at Gilroy Restaurant Week

It's not surprising, but it is delightful, that a certain bulb will play the leading role during the dine-around event.

garlic cloves

MAYBE THE LAST WEEKEND IN JULY... is perpetually circled on your calendar. Maybe you never, ever have to tell work that you'll be taking a day or two off around that time of year, because everyone at the office already knows it. And maybe you already have a special suitcase packed for your trip to Gilroy, the one that has a giant smiling bulb on the front (and, no, we don't mean a lightbulb here). For there are many, many garlic mavens, near and not near, who are fully committed to savoring one of the Solar System's spiciest food festivals each and every summertime. But there's another multi-day event that involves getting garlicky around the clove-tastic town, and it happens juuuust about six months before the Gilroy Garlic Festival. It's Gilroy Restaurant Week, and you might correctly surmise that the mince-able, slice-able, roast-able, spread-able superstar will be front-and-centered throughout. And so it shall be, from...

JAN. 14 THROUGH 28, 2018: That's right, Gilroy Restaurant Week is so garlicolossal that it takes up a full fortnight, which means more yum for those who like edibles with extra kick. "Taste of Garlic" is the theme, and "... all participating restaurants will feature... a range of creative and delicious dishes" that reflect garlicky goodness. There's a contest, too, which involves you visiting a certain number of eateries during Gilroy Restaurant Week. As for what you'll encounter while eating out? Gilroy Garlic Shrimp at Victoria's Mexican Restaurant, Garlic Ice Cream at Fifth Street Coffee, and Garlic Naan at Little India are just a few of the delectables. For the full 'n fiery line-up of dishes and places around town to find them, unhand your roasting dish or your favorite mincer-microplane and get in-the-know about the garlickiest Restaurant Week around.

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