Get Corny at the Colossal Cool Patch Pumpkins

Dixon's fall-oriented playground makes its pre-equinox debut.

READY TO CARVE? Are you eager to make a super-'grammable jack o'lantern? Are you chomping at various bits to have the most gorgeous grinning gourd on the block? We haven't quite reached that moment yet, but we are standing on the doorstep of fall 2019, which means it is totally acceptable, and even recommendable, to go out and savor a squash-filled festival. And one such place that has earned its longtime devotees is in Dixon, which is home to Cool Patch Pumpkins. There are pumpkins galore to peruse, both of the "edible and non-edible" varieties, so heading home with something carve-able (or make-into-a-pie-able) is a possibility. As are the photo opportunities, because if you haven't dresesed your tots as tiny pumpkins, and posed them next to actual pumpkins, have you even fall'd? But consider the corny charms of Cool Patch Pumpkins, too, which just made its debut for the 2019 season, which will run daily...

THROUGH OCT. 31: There's the property's "world-record corn maze," a massive affair which almost guarantees that those who enter will get at least a little lost. But the headline about the 2019 maze? The design pays tribute to first responders, so nice. But the corny memory-making doesn't end there, for there are corn baths, too, which involve copious amounts of kernels (yep, sink in and say "ahhh"). Hay rides, a mini grass maze, and other activities add quaint-a-tude to Cool Patch and its dedication to fall-style family fun. For ticket information, hours, and special happenings, check out the site. 

SO, are you planning hitting a few California-classic corn mazes this autumn? This delightful Dixon destination, and its massive, stalk-tall labyrinth, is surely on your must-do list. Where to go for all of this gourdly goodness? If you're southwest of Sacramento, you're in the right vicinity pumpkin people.

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