Get Crafty at the Artichoke Fest AGRO ART Contest

Let your creativity flow by making neato sculptures out of produce.

IF YOU'VE EVER BUILT A HOUSE OF CARDS, the kind of fragile, tabletop building that can come tumbling down following one slightly strong breeze, then you've likely sought out other objects and items that are similar to playing cards. For sometimes you have a hankering to build, or create, and alas... you're faced with a pile of artichoke leaves. But no "alas" here is required, really, for A) artichokes are delicious and B) you could probably construct a pretty good, if not-too-tall, house-of-cards homage with just a few green leaves sitting nearby. If you've ever longed for the chance to go bigger, as in much bigger, in the world of vegetable-based art-making, you'll need to look beyond your kitchen table, and your inclination to make houses of cards out of discarded artichoke leaves. You should, in fact, look to the 2018 Castroville Artichoke Food & Wine Festival, at the Monterey County Fair & Event Center, where the annual...

AGRO ART... competition will take place on the first Saturday in June. What's AGRO ART? It's in the name: Competitors, at different age levels, will construct sculptures made from produce. "Entries must be at least 60% fresh product and $10 artichokes," is the intriguing rule, and "(n)o flowers may be used." And here's something rather challenging, but certainly fun: The sculptures must come together there, during the competition hours on Saturday, June 2. Will you make an animal out of cauliflower and artichokes? How about a famous landmark? The possibilities intrigue. "Ocean Mist will provide artichokes and other limited produce selections on a first-come, first-served basis," is the good word from the festival, so, no, you needn't arrive with your own sack of chokies or a bag of veges to work with. You'll just need to pay admission to the fest, before joining the AGRO ART showdown.

HERE ARE THE RULES... and good-to-know facts to heed before revving up your artichoke-loving imagination for this offbeat event. And, of course, you'll be at the fest, one of the best-known foodie-taculars around, so after you've completed your AGRO ART, go enjoy something leafy and green and full of heart.

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