Get Glamping at Ventana Big Sur

The recently introduced Redwood Canyon Glampsites put you among the trees.

BIRD CHIRPS, TREE RUSTLES, THE BREEZE? Recordings made in the natural world remain consistently popular, which isn't a surprise, as we busy go-about-our-day-ers find ourselves longing for a connection to the wilderness and its rhythms. So we put our headphones on, cue to the file with the forest sounds, and promptly lose ourselves in the reverie of an outdoor-based getaway. But there are actual outdoor-based getaways to enjoy, too, include some that are quite new. True, the woods of Big Sur are not new — quite the opposite — but the Redwood Canyon Glampsites at Ventana Big Sur were just introduced in the autumn of 2017. That's when the Alila property reopened, after a major refurbishment, following the closure of Highway 1 for a good chunk of the year. The woodsy and luxe rooms were renovated, fresh spaces were added, and the Glass House art gallery made its debut. But so did a number of stay-over spots that aren't exactly rooms, but rather glamping tents, and they're found among the property's trees, with "...views of a 20-acre canyon."

WHAT'S INSIDE A TENT? Luxe 'n lovely goodies galore, from "a custom-designed glamping mattress and premium linens" to seating, a mirror, and other appointments that don't quite qualify as "roughing it." Outside, there's a fire pit, so prepare to go the s'mores route, if that's a route you like to take (probably, we'll guess, if you do desserts), and the Bath House boasts "... teak-enclosed showers, heated floors, full hotel amenities, marble vanities and gleaming restroom facilities." You'll be close to the birds and chirps and breezes heard on some of the recordings you love, the nature recordings that sweep you out of those hectic non-Big Sur moments, but you'll have a few comforts, too, to make your adventure a bit plush. Find out more about Ventana Big Sur and its recent renovations, book, go, relax, and don't forget your headphones, and nature recordings, though, if you do, you may hear plenty of woodsy-wonderful sounds just beyond your glamping tent.

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