Get Your Pass to the Final Free Redwoods Saturday

A series of free-admission second Saturdays, in honor of the centennial of the Save the Redwoods League, is drawing to a close.

WHAT'S FREE 'N BREEZY? Right at this very minute? Here goes: A bird that's found the perfect branch to sing from, high up near the sky. The wind, as it tumbles through the limbs of a centuries-old giant. The rain, as it falls in a forest, aiding the critters and plants below as they grow. But there's been another "free 'n breezy" addition to our state's redwoods-laden parks in 2018, and it involved a free day-use pass, available to enjoy on one special day of the month, to dozens of our redwoods-lovely parks. It's the pass created in honor of the centennial of the Save the Redwoods League, an organization that has worked in dauntless fashion to, as certain Lorax would say, "speak for the trees." To give fans of the parks a treat, and to celebrate this auspicious year, 

FREE PASSES... became available for each second Saturday of the month, passes that would give a person entry to the (listed) park of their choosing. Over 9,500 passes were downloaded during 2018, but the centennial-tastic program hasn't reached its conclusion yet. There's one more free second Saturday to go, on Saturday, Dec. 8, so best find your nearest redwoods state park, or one you've been wanting to visit, and download your complimentary day-use pass pronto. And yep: That pass is good for your vehicle, so everyone in your vehicle will enter the park for free, too. Which means that far more people, beyond 9,500, got the chance to enjoy the redwoods, without paying entry, during the free second Saturday program.

ON THE LIST? Andrew Molera State Park, Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park, and Mendocino Headlands State Park are just three of the tantalizing many; peruse all here, discuss with the fam and friends, and decide where you'll be going, on Dec. 8, with your free downloaded day-use pass.

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